allosaurus hero

Paleontologists publish new species of fearsome apex predator, Allosaurus

A previously unknown species of carnivorous dinosaur has just been revealed to the public inside the echoing halls at the Natural History Museum of Utah. Paleontologists are thrilled to have now identified this older dino relative of the fearsome Allosaurus fragilis (the official state fossil) that once roamed the arid flood plains of what’s now known as the Morrison Formation in […]

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Dynamoterror dynastes

Dynamoterror dynastes: Newly Discovered Tyrant Dinosaur in New Mexico

The Dynamoterror, a relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, lived a great many years before other known types of tyrannosaur. Tyrannosaurs regularly bear wild names. Beside the “dictator reptile” Tyrannosaurus itself, there’s the “immense killer” Teratophoneus, the “appalling reptile” Daspletosaurus, and the “gore ruler” Lythronax. In any case, another arrangement of tyrannosaur bones separated from the 80-million-year-old […]

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Cool Facts About Giganotosaurus

10 Cool Facts About Giganotosaurus

An up-and-comer in the elite club of huge, terrifying, meat-eating dinosaurs,Giganotosaurushas lately been attracting almost as much press asTyrannosaurus rexandSpinosaurus. On the following article, youll discover 10 fascinating Facts About Giganotosaurus and why, pound for pound, the Giant Southern Lizard may have been even more fearsome than its better-known relatives. The Name Giganotosaurus Has […]

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Facts About Argentinosaurus

10 Facts About Argentinosaurus

How Much Do You Know About Argentinosaurus? When it was discovered in Argentina in 1987, Argentinosaurus literally shook the world of paleontology to its foundations. On the following article, youll discover 10 facts about this enormous dinosaur of middle Cretaceous South America. A Full-Grown Argentinosaurus Weighed Close to 100 Tons Ever since its discovery, in 1987, paleontologists […]

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