What is a Paleontologist

What is a Paleontologist?

What is a Paleontologist? Paleontology is the science dealing with the fossils of long-deceased animals and plants that lived up to billions of years ago. It’s an interdisciplinary field involving geology, archaeology, chemistry, biology, archaeology and anthropology. But What is a Paleontologist? A paleontologist studies the history and process of evolution by examining fossils, the […]

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Snake Skulls in a Nutshell

Snake Skulls in a Nutshell – Legged relatives of chalk and the development of their skulls to the present day

Contemporary reptiles are still considered by many to be strange cold-blooded creatures with a strange hostile expression in beaded eyes, they are wrongly seen in this way, but in this respect, snakes (Ophidia) stand out. Although they were initially perceived by the human race as creatures from which we should learn, were bearers of knowledge […]

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what is paleontology?

What is paleontology?

What is paleontology? The simplest definition of “paleontology” is “the study of ancient life”. The field seeks information about several aspects of past organisms: “their identity and origin, their environment and evolution, and what they can tell us about the Earth’s organic and inorganic past”. What is paleontology? Paleontology, sometimes spelled palaeontology, (/peɪliɒnˈtɒlədʒi, ˌpæli-, -ən-/) is the scientific study […]

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